domingo, 15 de junho de 2008

No man is an island

The idea of having my own blog (once again, considering I used to have one, which, apparently, got lost somewhere else in the digital world) sounded a bit scary in the beginning! Scary? (yeah, you could ask me that) Sure, scary! Sharing hasn't been much into practice nowadays, at least regarding my life. I have always been the kind of person who told every single person I knew my pesonal issues, even the ones that shouldn't have been told. Being out there again, in this crazy digital world, could be dangerous, I thought. I'm a grown-up now, though. And I could not be more satisfied with the person I've become so far. "No man is an island". And neither am I, obviously. So, here I am again. Helena, 25, a great lover of English, interesting people, music, movies, books and arts in general. In love with this huge and wonderful world! I've changed a lot through the years. Being a teacher is the thing to be blamed. People who have been part of my life, either students, family, friends or acquaintances, they're the real responsibles for whom I am now. Sharing too much already, aren't I? No man is an island. So there's no reason why I would be one. No man is an island. Join me and my thoughts and feel free to comment. No man is an island even though sometimes I wish I were one. No man is an island. Thank God!